Abraham Lincoln Statue Vandalised and Scaled in London BLM Protests

Black Lives Matter
Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart News

Activists defaced and scaled Abraham Lincoln’s statue in Parliament Square, London, at a Black Lives Matter rally held in defiance of Britain’s anti-coronavirus regulations.

Video from protest, estimated to be 15,000-strong at the time of publication, shows the Lincoln statue defaced with the graffiti reading “BLM” and naming George Floyd, Mike Brown, and other individuals said to have been killed wrongfully by the police.

One side of Lincoln’s pedestal has also had a banner and several placards duct-taped to it, reading “RACISM IS A PANDEMIC TOO”, “SILENCE IS VIOLENCE”, “BLM”, and “ABOLISH THE POLICE”.

Separate footage shows protesters physically scaling the statue to cheers from the closely-packed crowds, which assembled in defiance of Home Secretary Priti Patel and Health Secretary Matt Hancock warning that such gatherings were unlawful and could send coronavirus infections soaring again.

Lincoln, famously, led the United States of America against the breakaway Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, in which hundreds of thousands of American soldiers lost their lives to defeat the separatists and free the country’s slaves — with Lincoln himself being assassinated by separatist conspirator John Wilkes Booth in the dying days of the conflict.

His is one of a small number of statues in the square, which sits opposite the Palace of Westminster which hosts the Houses of Parliament, dedicated to foreign leaders from the former British Empire, along with Mahatma Gandhi of India, and Field Marshal Jan Smuts and Nelson Mandela, both of South Africa.

Protesters at the demonstration also vandalised the statue of British war-time leader Sir Winston with graffiti reading “ACAB” — short for “All Coppers Are Bastards”.

This has caused considerable anger in the wider country, particularly as June 6th is the anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, in which thousands of British, Commonwealth, and American soldiers lost their lives — and which veterans have been prevented from marking in any significant way due to the lockdown regulations, which continue to be vigorously enforced against the population at large despite BLM persistently flouting them with virtually no consequences.

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