Delingpole: ‘There Is No Emergency!’ Spanish Doctor Challenges Coronavirus ‘Second Wave’

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A Spanish doctor in a Madrid hospital has challenged claims Europe is in the grip of a second wave. The video is both revealing and hilarious, especially when the studio newsreader in the background mutters to his colleague “I think we’ve lost control.”

“There is no emergency!” Dr Luis de Benito, of the Hospital de El Escorial in Madrid, tells a clearly disappointed TV news interviewer Mamen Asensio. Later he berates the media for scaremongering about a “pandemic” that no longer exists.

Spain’s coronavirus caseload has risen relative to its neighbours in recent weeks, after a particularly draconian lockdown was partially lifted, with Juan González Armengol, president of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (Semes), attributing the rise to “outbreaks among the seasonal fruit-pickers.”

So Asensio, presenter of the news show La Mañana de TVE, was clearly looking for a tame medic willing to support the mainstream media narrative that Europe is well on the way towards its “second wave” of Chinese coronavirus and that hospitals are already on the verge of being overwhelmed to “saturation point.”

But Dr Benito refuses to play the game.

He says:

“I don’t know which hospitals you are talking about. It’s true we are seeing an increase in the number of admissions. But until last week there were none. Yesterday we had three. Three people — out of over a hundred beds, you understand? So, no, I don’t believe we are close to saturation levels.”

Undeterred, Asensio reminds him that according to the figures he had been given, 540 new people have been infected.

Dr Benito sighs wearily. These are merely people who have tested positive, he said, not people who are necessarily sick.

This phenomenon has been christened “the Casedemic”. That is, by measuring the number of cases (which could include people who’ve had coronavirus asymptomatically and therefore suffered no ill effects) rather than the number of fatalities, the coronavirus establishment scare industry is giving a completely misleading impression about the nature of the threat.

Still ploughing gamely on, Asensio asks whether Dr Benito and his colleagues are preparing for September and October. (Presumably he means the “second wave”.)

He replies bitterly:

“Why would they return? They are on vacation like all our elected officials and government personnel. There is no emergency. We are on alert, yes, but not in an emergency.”

Asensio then asks him what he thinks of the coming vaccine.

Benito is not enthused.

“Well of course it’s always preferable to talk about a vaccine especially after having inculcated the fear to believe it is necessary. Because we need to sell it,” he says in a voice heavy with sarcasm.

He adds:

“The question is whether we need the vaccine. Is it without danger and is it effective? But first and foremost is it necessary or not? If it’s true that the contagion has already affected a great mass of people why is it necessary to vaccinate the whole population? The first thing we need to do is vaccinate against fear because of all the social panic we have created.”

But Asensio will not be deterred from asserting the approved MSM position that coronavirus remains a deadly threat and that it’s getting worse.

“Your words are reassuring,” she tells the doctor with evident insincerity. Then adds: “But I need to insist that in Spain we have, on average, 1,000 people who test positive every day.”

Benito is scornful.

“Look at the numbers for Helicobacter pylori. It is present in 50 percent of the Spanish population. This bacteria is a type-1 carcinogenic agent as classified by the World Health Organisztion. Therefore half the population of Spain is at risk of stomach cancer. So is that a grave situation? Is it an emergency? Does the media report it on the news?”

Something tells me that Dr Benito won’t be invited back next time the Spanish MSM needs medical reassurance that Covid-19 is an unprecedented pandemic which is going to kill us all.

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