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Spanish Court Unseals Documents on Bizarre North Korean Embassy Raid

Documents unsealed by a Spanish court on Tuesday shed new light on a strange incident from February in which a mysterious group of armed individuals attacked the North Korean embassy in Madrid. The perpetrators have been revealed as members of a cultish group called Cheollima Civil Defense that appears dedicated to avenging the murder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam.

Dissident group claims responsibility for raid on N. Korea's Madrid embassy

Catalonia Declares Independence

The Catalan Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion to declare independence from Spain.

Catalonia is fiercely protective of its language and culture and has long struggled for autonomy -- which was restored after the repressive 1939-1975 rule of dictator Francisco Franco

Madrid Buses Ban Men ‘Manspreading’

MADRID (AP) — If you’re taking a bus in the Spanish capital, be sure to keep your legs to yourself. Madrid authorities on Monday started putting up signs banning the practice of ‘manspreading’ — opening one’s legs so wide you

WNYC New York Public Radio/Flickr

Protests Outside Islamist-Linked Mosque after Brussels Attacks

Following terrorist attacks by Islamists in Brussels, protesters from Hogar Social Madrid (Madrid Social Home) protested terror-linked Madrid mosque, the Islamic Cultural Centre. Occupying an overpass facing the mosque, known locally as the M-30 due to its proximity to the


Spanish Puppeteers Arrested for ‘Praising Terrorism’

On Friday, two puppeteers in Spain were jailed, without bail, for staging a satirical puppet show during the Carnival celebration. The show included both violence deemed inappropriate for children and a message described as “praising terrorism,” which is illegal in Spain.

AP Photo/Francisco Seco