WATCH: Migrants Try to Break Down Barricade at British Army Barracks Camp

FOLKESTONE, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 21: Police officers appear to inspect the new asylum seeker temporary accommodation at Napier Barracks on September 21, 2020 in Folkestone, England. It was announced last week by the Home Office that Napier Army Barracks in Folkestone has been converted to an assessment centre for …
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Video footage released on social media showed a group of migrants attempting to tear down the barricades surrounding a British army barracks, which was recently converted into a migrant camp amidst record-breaking waves of illegals flowing across the English Channel.

On Monday, police were called to the Napier Barracks at Shornecliffe in Folkestone, which is located about 20 minutes south of the Port of Dover, where most illegal migrants are brought ashore by Britain’s Border Force.

A spokesman for the police said per the local news outlet Kent Online: “Kent Police was called at 3:39 p.m. on November 16 to a report of a minor disturbance at Napier Barracks in Folkestone.”

“Officers attended to offer assistance while the incident was dealt with. No arrests were made.”

In the footage, migrants can be heard shouting “freedom” as the police attempt to persuade them to stop their assaults on the barricade.

Former Guardian journalist Jack Shenker — who shared footage of the incident on social media — reported that the alleged asylum seekers attempted to break through the barricade after immigration officials visited the camp.

Shenker said that tensions rose after the officials were not able to tell the migrants how long they would remain in the camp or when they’re asylum claims would be processed, after which the guards locked the gates and called the local police.

He went on to say that he has received reports from people inside the camp complaining about the conditions of the barracks — which formerly housed uncomplaining British soldiers — insisting that the free food and living accommodations are not suitable for them and that it is not possible to maintain social distancing measures.

Social distancing is not an issue for migrants who crowd onto small boats to cross the English Channel illegally, strangely.

In September the Napier Barracks was converted into an open camp to house around 400 alleged asylum seekers — all of whom are adult men.

Amidst record waves of illegal boat migrants setting sail for the United Kingdom from safe, first world France in conjunction with the Chinese coronavirus crisis, the Home Office began housing the illegal aliens in hotels across the country at great expense.

The continued waves of migrants forced the Priti Patel-led government department to commandeer the Napier Barracks as well as another Ministry of Defence (MoD) site in Wales to house the overflow.

The use of military installations in Britain to house migrants is reminiscent of what has been witnessed in Greece, in which thousands of boat migrants are housed in camps due to the massive numbers of illegal migrants they have received.

In September, the notorious Moria camp — itself a former army barracks — burned to the ground, leaving 13,000 asylum seekers homeless, after a group of Afghani migrants allegedly set it ablaze, hoping to be transferred elsewhere.

Prior to its destruction, the camp was plagued by violence and fires, which were often set by migrants themselves.

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