‘Racism Is a Feature of Capitalism’ Claims Labour MP Zarah Sultana

Zarah Sultana
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Zarah Sultana, the leftist Labour party Member of Parliament for Coventry South, claimed that “racism is a feature of capitalism” on the United Nations’ so-called “Anti-Racism Day”.

Sultana, an acolyte of former Labour leader and fervent socialist Jeremy Corbyn, wrote on social media late Saturday night that the only way to fight racism is through the adoption of “internationalist socialism”.

The 27-year-old MP went on to share an article she penned in Tribune Magazine in January, in which she wrote: “Racism in society isn’t a glitch, it’s a feature. It’s functional to the key driver of our economic system: the accumulation of capital. This, rather than meeting human need, is fundamental to capitalism. And it is why racism is embedded in its social relations.”

“This racism isn’t incidental. It’s central to capitalism — both its history and in the present day,” she claimed.

“The wealth that enriched the British Empire and established it as a global superpower meant the murder, destruction, and brutalisation of people across the world. Millions died and civilisations were destroyed. The perpetrators of these crimes had to believe that what they were doing was justified,” she suggested.

Sultana concluded by quoting directly from the author of the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx, writing: “There is an old socialist slogan, ‘workers of the world, unite!’ It’s not a relic from history, it’s an injunction for today. It calls us to an internationalist approach to socialism, one which can truly tackle racism at its core. It’s a vision worth fighting for.”

Conservative MP Paul Bristow responded to her attacks on Western capitalism, writing: “Free markets break down discrimination, and is eliminating poverty for millions in countries that turned away from Soviet models of socialist central planning. You might also want to check what the racist & anti-Semitic writings of Marx and [Friedrich] Engels inspired some people to do.”

Under the rule of socialist and communist governments in the twentieth century, an estimated 94 million people lost thier lives, making communism the leading ideological cause of death in the last century.

London mayoral candidate David Kurten also critisised Sultana’s claims, saying: “What utter nonsense. A free-market economy with few and fair regulations generates greater prosperity for all.”

The Labour MP has not shied away from her admiration of leftist regimes, as earlier this year she nominated the communist Cuba’s medical slavery system for a Nobel Peace Prize for work done during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“The internationalism by the Cuban people and the medical brigade is an incredible example of humanity and solidarity across borders,” she suggested.

The Cuban medical system has long been hailed by Western leftists, yet under the Castro regime doctors face near slave-like conditions, being shipped to foreign countries in which they live in poor conditions and as much as 90 per cent of their wages are stolen by the communist government in Havana.

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