Orban, Salvini, Le Pen, and Others Sign Pro-Sovereignty Declaration Against EU Overreach

Italian Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini (L) is welcomed by Hungarian P

Leaders of populist and conservative parties across Europe have signed a joint declaration on the future of the European Union, criticising overreach from the EU and calling for more national sovereignty.

Political party leaders from conservative and populist parties in 16 countries signed the declaration, which calls for major reforms to the European Union, stating: “instead of protecting Europe and its heritage, it is itself becoming a source of problems and anxiety.”

The letter is signed by major political leaders including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Polish Law and Justice Party leader Jarosław Kaczyński, Italian senator and League leader Matteo Salvini, Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni, and VOX leader Santiago Abascal, among others, La Vanguardia reports.

“The cooperation of European nations should be based on tradition, respect for the culture and history of European states, respect for  Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage and the common values that unite our nations, and not on their destruction,” the declaration states.

“The use of political structures and the law to create a European superstate and new social structures is a manifestation of the dangerous and invasive social engineering known from the past, which must provoke legitimate resistance,” the declaration continues, adding: “The moralistic overactivity that we have seen in recent years in the EU institutions has resulted in a dangerous tendency to impose an ideological monopoly.”

The signatories suggest that the EU give more power to member-states and not create EU-wide bodies that supersede the sovereignty of the member-states. A conference for those who signed the declaration is scheduled to take place later this year in September in Warsaw.

The declaration comes after Prime Minister Orban and his party Fidesz left the European People’s Party group in the European Parliament earlier this year in March after years of conflict with other parties in the group.

Shortly after leaving the EPP, Prime Minister Orban announced his intentions to form a new right-wing alliance in Europe starting with political leaders in Hungary, Poland, and Italy.

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