Greek Government Promises to Be ‘Ruthless’ Toward Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

Demonstrators protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for health workers in Thessaloni

The Greek Health Ministry has stated that it would not hesitate to be “ruthless” when looking for unvaccinated healthcare workers who oppose to the vaccine mandate and present fake vaccine certificates.

Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga spoke out on the issue this week, saying: “False certificates are a problem that is upsetting us a lot. I think there is a very small number of them right now and these can be checked. Legal action will be taken in those cases where fraud is confirmed and we will be ruthless.”

According to a report from the Greek newspaper I Kathimerini, Health Minister Thanos Plevris has stated that the ministry was investigating cases of possible fake certificates, particularly cases that have come about after a mandatory vaccination deadline was imposed.

At least ten vaccination centres across Greece are currently under investigation after suspicions that they may have issued fake certificates, which according to the Health Minister, are harder to track than forged certifications.

The investigations come after it was revealed that a vaccination centre in central Greece had issued at least 44 fake vaccination certificates after an employee with access to the electronic system had used it to mark people as vaccinated despite them not having taken the vaccine.

The centre alone has issued 31,296 vaccinations in total, and the revelations have called into question the legitimacy of the certificates given out by the centre.

Earlier this week, three nurses and an administrative employee in the city of Thessaloniki admitted they had presented forged certificates, while nearly 6,000 hospital workers were placed on suspension for not taking the vaccine after the September 1st mandate deadline.

Greece is not the only country to mandate the vaccine for healthcare workers. In Italy, 30 doctors were suspended in the city of Bologna this week for not taking the vaccine. Around 1,600 healthcare workers in total in the city are still believed to be currently unvaccinated.

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