‘Out of the Road You Silly @$#&!’ — Mother Tries To Drive Though Insulate Britain Blockade

Insulate Britain
Insulate Britain

Some members of the British public have seemingly had enough with radical eco-warriors as a mother has gained traction on social media after attempting to drive through a group of climate change activists blocking the road.

Footage released on social media on Monday by the climate change alarmist activist group Insulate Britain showed an exasperated woman pleading with the radicals to move out of the way so she could bring her child to school.

“I’m not joking, my son needs to get to school, move out of the road,” the mother shouted at the Insulate Britain activists, who were seen sitting in the middle of the road.

The woman then was seen getting back in her car and attempting to drive through the blockade and push the activists out of the road with her car. A bystander was heard shouting: “Get out of the road you silly c**ts”.

After the two protesters refused to move out of the way, the mother jumped back out of her car, yelling: “I don’t care what the f***ing issue is, my son needs to get to school.”

Defending the blockade in the video, Insulate Britain wrote: “We have a responsibility to stop our elderly from freezing to death, to stop children living in cold homes and to stop future generations from an unimaginably horrific future.”

The mother was hailed by Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox, who wrote on social media: “This lady should be in the highest levels of government.”

Over the past month, members of Insulate Britain, which is an offshoot of the notorious Extinction Rebellion group, have staged motorway protests across the country in an attempt to blackmail the country into succumbing to their climate change demands.

The disruptive protests have seen activists glue themselves to roads and motorways up and down the country, with some demonstrations resulting in serious injury for people being prevented from reaching hospital care in time because of the delays caused.

Liam Norton, a spokesman for the group has tried to defend the disruption and harm inflicted on the public by likening it to collateral damage during the Second World War.

There has been growing resentment against the group among the public, with some drivers forcefully confronting the groups to clear the way for ambulances to get through.

In a similar incident to the video shared by the group on Monday, business owners and members of the public were seen dragging protesters off the road last week, shouting at them “Why aren’t you at work? Why are you stopping people from getting to [expletive] work?”

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has accused the group of acting like “terrorists“, saying that they are “prepared to risk the lives of other people just because they have this hysterical view that unless we go back and live in caves, billions of people are going to die.”

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