‘A Woman Is Someone with a Vagina’ Says Anne Robinson

Chris Haston/NBC via Getty Images

Anne Robinson, the outgoing Countdown host of The Weakest Link fame, has waded into the trans debate, insisting that “a woman is someone with a vagina”.

The 77-year-old television presenter, best known for her mocking take-no-prisoners style, made the comments in an interview with the notionally conservative Telegraph, saying that people were “entitled” to disagree with her but that she was “horrified that we can’t have a debate about this. That’s what really troubles me. I’m horrified by the lack of safety in women’s changing rooms, in swimming pools and that sort of thing.”

She added that, for her, “the most interesting statistic is that the amount of trans [people] who actually surgically get altered is minuscule. So you are talking about men in women’s changing rooms.”

She also raised concerns about so-called trans kids, and in particular about parents “taking their unhappy children to the Tavistock” — a reference to the National Health Service’s Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) — “when they’re 13” and going along with clinicians diagnosing them as being born in the wrong body.

“How do you know that’s what it is?” she demanded.

Similar concerns have been raised, perhaps most famously, by Harry Potter author Joanne ‘JK’ Rowling, who warned in 2020 that it “feels as though we’re on the brink of a medical scandal” with respect child gender reassignment procedures.

“‘[National Health Service] identity clinics have been functioning as if acting outside the ordinary requirement of good medical and psychiatric practice.’ Some may dismiss this paper… but they do so at their own peril,” she said, quoting from an academic paper titled ‘Freedom to think: the need for thorough assessment and treatment of gender dysphoric children’.

Rowling has become increasingly unapologetic in her public stance on transgenderism — earning the ire of leftists who once admired her for her anti-Breixt and anti-Trump statements and donations to the left-wing Labour Party — mocking the idea that a “penised individual” who commits a rape could still be a woman and comparing the climate of fear around the gender identity debate to life in the Soviet Union, for example.

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