No More Accommodation: Open Borders Ireland Sees Asylum System Crumble Under Migrant Surge

People pass a mural of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, by the artist Aches, in central Dublin. Picture date: Monday April 4, 2022. (Photo by Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images)
Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images

After promising to take in a limitless number of arrivals from Ukraine, Ireland’s asylum system has crumbled under a massive migrant surge, with the country announcing that it has run out of accommodation on Wednesday.

Open borders Ireland has run out of places to house would-be migrants and asylum seekers after the country saw the number of new arrivals surge far beyond what its Europhile government mandarins expected.

Ireland had previously promised to take in a limitless number of arrivals from Ukraine, while the country’s Minister for Justice launched a near-blanket amnesty for illegal migrants in the country earlier in the year.

The country’s extremely lax border control policies now seem to be coming home to roost however, with the Irish Times reporting that the country has now run out of places to put those who are still arriving into the country.

So bad is the current situation that, according to the country’s state-owned broadcaster, RTÉ, 250 migrants are being kept in an old terminal building located in the country’s main airport, while a “tented village” is scheduled to be opened on Monday to take alleged refugees from Ukraine.

Micheál Martin, the country’s Prime Minister, has now said that Ireland will “prioritize those who are fleeing war” — though exactly what this means has yet to be clarified.

“Ireland is full and we cannot house the world,” Irish Freedom Party president Hermann Kelly told Breitbart Europe regarding the crisis situation. “The government’s ill-conceived plan has run out of road and Ireland has run out of housing.”

“With 10,000 Irish people homeless the government has already flooded the state with 40,000 people claiming to be refugees from Ukraine,” Kelly continued, before asking why in Ireland it is always a case of “Paddy Last” when it comes to government programmes.

So far, Ireland has seen over 40,000 individuals claiming to be Ukrainian refugees enter the country, with non-Ukrainian asylum claims also experiencing a seismic 600 per cent increase, something politicians within the country tried to blame on Britain’s new policy of transferring illegal migrants to Rwanda, and not on Ireland’s own open borders policies.

Meanwhile, as the country suffers due to the migrant surge, as well as rapid inflation and a crippling housing crisis, the three-party coalition government in Dublin has been pushing green agenda bans on certain types of fossil fuels, as well as for the introduction of hate speech laws.

Such a platform overall seems to be proving extremely unpopular with the Irish public, with support for the government having now entered freefall according to a poll published by the Irish Times on Thursday.

According to the data, support for the government has fallen by 12 points, down from 43 per cent to 31 per cent, while Martin’s popularity is down 11 points to 40 per cent.

38 per cent of the country’s population is now also reportedly in favour of “radical change”, with the country’s far-left Sinn Féin party now polling at 36 per cent — making them the most supported party in the country, over ten per cent ahead of their nearest rivals, Fianna Fáil.

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