Afghan Boat Migrants Placed In English School Arrested for Raping Girl

Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

Four Afghans, supposedly minors, who arrived in Britain by boat have been arrested after a girl was raped at the school they were placed in.

The Afghans arrived in the United Kingdom last year and are believed to have attended the same school as the 15-year-old victim in Dover, a port city on the front line of the Channel migrant crisis, The Times reports.

The Afghans are said to be aged between 13 and 16 and The Times reports that “[t]heir ages were not disputed by Home Office officials… nor the local council” — though the British authorities are far laxer than in many other European countries in this respect, not conducting scientific age tests and already embarrassed by multiple incidents in which migrant “children” significantly older than 18 and even 30 have had to be withdrawn from schools despite their claimed ages initially being approved.

Kent Police force has confirmed it is “investigating a report of a sexual offence involving a teenage girl and a teenage boy in Dover on the afternoon of Monday 6 February 2023,” and that four “boys” have been “arrested as part of the investigation” — and subsequently “released on bail while enquiries continue.”

This may prove to have been a risky move, as the British authorities have already lost hundreds of migrants who were able to abscond from supposedly secure hotels, never mind other accommodations.

Local officials in Kent, the county Dover belongs to, have previously complained that they are struggling to deal with the influx of supposed child migrants, even leaving aside safety issues, spaces for local children running out and some “having to travel to other towns to access their education, placing further financial burden on Kent County Council who have to fund their home to school transport as a result.”

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that, as previously mentioned, many “child migrants” in Kent are actually adults, with officials revealing that at least a quarter of the “children” they deal with are identified as over 18 even under Britain’s unusually weak age verification regime.

Britain is not the only European country struggling to accommodate migrant minors or suffering safety issues as a result, however with one particularly egregious case in Germany seeing a ten-year-old boy raped by Afghan and Syrian classmates on a school trip.

Victims of such attacks do not always get sufficient support from the authorities, with a Swedish journalist reporting that girls subjected to sexual harassment and assaults by migrants — many of whom are “not even kids” — find themselves “called racists when they talk about their reality” by staff.

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