Sex Crimes Have Spiked 75 Per Cent in Ireland Since 2011: Report

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The number of sex crimes recorded each year in Ireland has increased by 75 per cent since 2011, according to a report on Wednesday.

Ireland has reportedly seen a massive spike in the number of sexual offences recorded in the country on a yearly basis, with the figure said to have increased by over 75 per cent since 2011.

The revelation coincides with ongoing anti-immigration protests which have partly focused on the idea that insufficiently vetted migrant males arriving from abroad could endanger women and children in the country.

According to a report by Gript Media, figures released by the Irish government in response to a parliamentary question revealed that there were well over 3,400 sexual offences recorded in 2021 — a massive leap from the less than 2,000 offences recorded in 2011.

Rapes are also said to have more than doubled over the same time frame, with the government data also revealing that the number of domestic abuse callouts responded to by the Irish police force each year has now spiked to over 50,000 — an increase of around 40 per cent since only 2019.

“This is a disaster for tens of thousands of people, mostly women,” said Peadar Toibín TD (Teachta Dála, roughly equivalent to MP/Member of Parliament/MP in the United Kingdom) in response to the revelation.

“In 2011 there were 1,958 sexual offences recorded. In 2021 the figure increased by 75 per cent to 3,433 sexual offences,” he continued.

“In 2011 there were 447 rapes recorded. In 2021 it had doubled to 983 rapes,” added the parliamentarian, who received the data in the first place.

Toibín, the head of the left-leaning but pro-life Aontú party, linked the increased violence to pornography and the allegedly too-lenient sentencing of sexual offenders in Ireland, telling Gript that a “zero tolerance” approach was needed to deter offenders.

“Ireland is becoming a more violent place, especially for women,” he said. “Society and the Government are failing victims and survivors of domestic violence.”

The spike in sexual offences also coincides with the country seeing an increase of roughly 100,000 non-Irish nationals living in the country from 2011 to 2021 — a statistic that does not include those foreign nationals living in Ireland that have been naturalised as citizens — although the new sex crime figures do not appear to break down the nationality or background of offenders.

The immigration spike has only increased since 2021, with an ongoing migrant crisis — which has seen migrants supposedly from Ukraine and elsewhere enter the small country by the tens of thousands — having only pushed the island’s population up even further.

This rapid spike in immigration has caused great concern for many in Ireland, especially those within working-class communities, with widespread protests against the Irish government’s open borders approach to immigration now regularly taking place.

Officials have responded to the protest movement by theorising ways of banning the actions of demonstrators, including by possibly making it illegal to hold demonstrations outside of migrant centres, as well as by giving people with legal and illegal migrant backgrounds special legal protections under forthcoming hate speech laws.

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