Transgender Prostitute Invited By Paris Mayor Films Sex Act in City Hall Toilets

A night picture of the famous building Hotel de Ville in Paris.
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A transgender adult performer and prostitute allegedly filmed themselves performing sexual services in the toilets of Paris City Hall after being invited there as part of an event by leftist Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Transgender performer and prostitute “Icy Diamond” was invited to Paris City Hall by Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and made a post on Instagram saying, “How I managed to transform Paris City Hall into a giant strip club & brothel… Freedom guiding the people in the midst of the gold of the Republic. Thanks who? Thank you @annehidalgo for the invitation,” they added.

The performer later allegedly posted a video of themselves offering sexual favours in the toilets of the Paris City Hall on Twitter prior to their account being banned for violations of Twitter’s terms of service. Diamond’s performances in the City Hall were apparently part of La Nuit des Fiertés — ‘Pride Night’ — an annual “flagship event for the LGBT+ community”.

The event’s organisers boast that the event “…allows queer youth to take over the City Hall with programming that resembles us and highlights the queer and LGBT+ community” and thank their sponsors, including the City of Paris and the Walt Disney Company. Among the features of the event are a gala dinner, a DJ party until four o’clock in the morning, and drag shows.

STRASS, a union for prostitutes and sex workers, criticised the mayor for hypocrisy, saying the event showed her up for prosecuting prostitutes with police in the streets while at the same time making a show of supporting sex workers and sexual minorities at city hall. The group said Hidalgo should “stop the arrests” and return money seized from sex workers to them.

The group wrote, “Another successful action to transform the town hall into a brothel. Mrs @Anne_Hidalgo you must be accountable as a pimp since not only do you profit from prostitution with your arrests but you harbour it on your premises… not only will you never be able to abolish us, but we are turning your town hall into a brothel.”

The sex worker’s union said that while the footage “Icy Diamond” had posted of performing acts of prostitution in the toilets at city hall had resulted in a Twitter ban, they were to be shortly re-posted on a paid-porn platform.

The incident is just the latest controversy for Mayor Hidalgo, who has come under fire in the past over cleanliness issues across the French capital, as social media users posted pictures of garbage and dirt on the streets of Paris in 2021.

Hidalgo, meanwhile, accused those posting the pictures of being linked to far-right elements, and claimed the campaign to point out how dirty Paris was getting was “orchestrated.”

Paris media who spoke to locals about the issue found they were also critical of the city government, with one stating, “Since September 2019, we have had [rubbish dumped] in front of our business. Our boss reported it to the appropriate services on several occasions, but nothing was done. It’s not pleasant for us or for the customers.”

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