Protesters Storm DeSantis Office After Passage of ‘Racist’, ‘Transphobic’ Education Bill

An unidentified protester is arrested and escorted out of Gov. Ron DeSantis' office s
Ana Ceballos/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Numerous arrests have been made after protesters stormed the office of Ron DeSantis over a “racist” and “transphobic” bill passed by Florida’s state legislature.

Protesters reportedly stormed the office of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over the state’s passing of a bill that expands the Parental Rights in Education law, with the new reforms banning diversity programmes in state colleges as well as making it so that teachers do not have to refer to a child using their preferred pronouns.

The changes have reportedly been deemed “racist” and “transphobic” by progressive activists in the state, a number of whom reportedly stormed the office of the Floridian governor in protest at the bills passing.

According to a report by Fox News, however, the level of disruption the protesters caused with the stunt appears to be minimal, with DeSantis actually said to have been out of the state at the time of the occupation.

Staffers for the senior politician — who is expected to make a bid to become the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party later this year — were meanwhile seemingly bemused if not outright disinterested by the progressive stunt, with one office worker spotted munching on chocolate cake while sitting in the office as the anti-DeSantis demo progressed.

Eventually, after issuing the progressive demonstrators with a 30-minute warning, law enforcement officials broke up the protest, arresting at least 12 people under trespassing charges.

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