‘Transgender’ Butcher Admits to Abducting, Repeatedly Sexually Abusing Child

SELKIRK, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 09: Andrew Miller is taken from Selkirk Sheriff covered by a
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A “transgender” male has admitted to abducting and repeatedly sexually abusing a child while dressed as a woman.

Andrew Miller, a “transgender” male who reportedly styles himself using the name Amy George and was known for being the proprietor of the local butcher shop, has reportedly admitted to abducting a child while dressed as a woman, before repeatedly sexually assaulting her for more than a day.

The biological male was reportedly charged with the crime earlier this year, now admitting his guilt at a hearing of the High Court in Edinburgh via videolink.

According to a report by state-owned broadcaster the BBC, Miller had originally picked up the young girl in his Jaguar car after she was reportedly unable to get the bus home.

The girl described herself as accepting the offer because she was cold, and that Miller looked like a “lady” who was non-threatening.

Instead of taking the girl home, however, Miller kidnapped the child, bringing her to his three-bedroom bungalow in the village of Gattonside.

He is then said to have kept her confined to a bedroom in the building’s attic, where he repeatedly sexually assaulted her over a period of 27 hours.

Eventually, by what has been described as “complete fortune”, the child managed to escape the locked bedroom after Miller fell asleep before contacting the police.

Upon arrival, law enforcement found Miller asleep wearing a bra, silicone breasts, female pants and tights.

The proceeding judge has described the actions of Miller as “abhorrent”, describing him as “every parent’s worst nightmare”, while police have been forced to board up the sex offender’s butcher shop for fear locals could throw a brick through one of its windows.

Miller is now scheduled to be sentenced sometime in August. Britain’s Sky News reports that when they asked Scotland’s leader Humza Yousaf whether Miller would be placed in a male or female president, the answer was unclear.

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