Take a Hike! Road-Blocking Climate Activists Could Lose Their Drivers Licenses

Climate activists from Just Stop Oil use glue and lock-on tubes to block the road in front of the Metropolitan Police's headquarters at New Scotland Yard to call on the UK government to cease issuing oil and gas licences on 14 October 2022 in London, United Kingdom. An activist also …
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Eco-warrior climate activists who block roads and motorways, such as Just Stop Oil, may have their driving licenses revoked under plans from the government, a report has claimed.

According to a report from The Sun on Sunday, radical green activists may be forced to live up to their beliefs about the climate and be prevented from driving should they engage in protests that intentionally block off traffic.

Groups like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion have frequently used disruptive tactics, such as glueing themselves to roads in order to gain attention for their apocalyptic ideology.

The paper claimed, however, that though climate crazies are the intended target, the government is currently considering legislation that would allow judges to revoke the licenses of anyone who commits a public order offence during a protest, not just limited to those who block the roads.

Speaking to The Sun, a government source said: “These hypocritical eco-zealots would hate to get a taste of their own medicine.

“If their own journeys were kiboshed, they might think twice about disrupting everyone else’s lives.”

Ex-Minister Brendan Clarke-Smith said: “Taking away licenses from Just Stop Oil clowns would go some way to stop them driving ordinary Brits round the bend.”

In October, Just Stop Oil activists were accused of having “blood on their hands” after two women, including a mother of four, died after traffic was diverted on the M20 motorway as the green activists suspended themselves from the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge over the River Thames in London.

It was reported that the ensuing traffic prevented the two women from reaching the hospital in time to save their lives.

Road blockades from another green activist group, Insulate Britain,  have also resulted in serious injury for people who were prevented from reaching medical care. The group, for its part, attempted to justify their actions by comparing the incidents to collateral damage suffered during the Second World War.

This year, the government greatly expanded the powers given to police under the Public Order Act to clamp down on disruptive eco-warrior protests. However, this has seemingly been insufficient to stop the “slow march” tactics from the likes of Just Stop Oil.

This may be more of a result of policing decisions, however, with police often being filmed standing around as activists block off roads. On the other hand, police have been criticised for quickly jumping into action to stop members of the public from trying to clear the roads themselves.

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