Laurence Fox Will Not Face Hate Crime Charges for Burning LGBTQ2A+ ‘Progress Pride’ Flag

Laurence Fox, actor and leader of the Reclaim Party, arrives to speak at a protest by righ
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Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox has been cleared by London’s Metropolitan Police after demands the anti-woke campaigner face hate crime charges for burning an LGBTQIA2S+ ‘Progress Pride’ flag in his back garden.

Laurence Fox, the star of My Son Hunter and leader of the anti-woke Reclaim Party, will not face hate crime charges for burning a ‘Progress Pride’ flag, which he claimed represented “child mutilation”.

In a statement reported by the Daily Mail, the Metropolitan Police said: “[We were] made aware of a video uploaded onto social media that showed the burning of a number of progress pride flags. The footage was reviewed in full in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service. No criminal offences were identified as having been committed.

“The Metropolitan Police recognises that this incident has caused community concern and we take any allegation of hate crime seriously. We will continue to work alongside our partners to support and protect all our communities in London.”

Fox, who is currently standing for Parliament to replace former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his vacated seat in Uxbridge, defended his decision to burn the leftist flag, saying last week: “No one served under this child mutilation flag. No one fought under it. It’s a concocted piece of political artifice. It divides people down sexual and skin colour lines.”

“It is antithetical to what a national flag represents. A national flag represents the values of a nation. This migraine flag represents an ideology,” he said, adding: “I will always stand for biological reality, objective truth and the protection of vulnerable and confused children against those who would do their bodies irreversible harm.”

The actor-turned-political campaigner — who was cancelled from his successful television career in Britain for stridently rejecting the leftist concept of ‘white privilege’ — even dared the Met last week to charge him with a hate crime.

“I very much look forward to them explaining to me that I have committed a hate crime by burning an icon to child mutilation, but the doctors who chop off vulnerable healthy young girls breasts, and young boys penises haven’t,” Fox wrote. “I’m done negotiating with the mutilators. I am tolerant of pretty much everything, but child sacrifice is an absolute red line.”

Lacking firm freedom of speech protections such as the First Amendment in the United States, the UK has a swath of leftist restrictions surrounding so-called hate speech and “offensive” language. Despite being in power for over a decade, the governing Conservative Party — which in reality is more akin to Clinton-style Democrats — has failed to roll back any of the draconian laws on speech.

During his 2021 bid for the London mayoralty, Laurence Fox directly criticised the police for failing to tackle real crime, while spending valuable resources on supposedly offensive comments online, declaring: “We need to police streets, not tweets.”

Speaking to Breitbart London at the time, Fox said: “I think whether deliberately or accidentally, we’ve ended up in a very authoritarian area and it’s our job to make sure we don’t continue down that path.”


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