Berlin Police Chief: Young Foreign Males Behind Violent Crime Wave

Police officers of a special unit escort Iraqi asylum seeker Ali Bashar, who is suspected

Young foreign males are the driving force behind the violence ravaging Berlin, the chief of the German capital’s police force admitted.

In an interview with broadcaster NTV, Berlin Police President Barbara Slowik tacitly conceded that the open borders agenda of the German government has led to more crime on the streets of its largest city.

“To put it bluntly: according to our figures, the violence in Berlin is young, male and has a non-German background. This also applies to knife violence,” Slowik said.

“The police crime statistics distinguish between German and non-German suspects. And in recent years we have seen an increase in violent crime overall, as well as in the number of non-German criminals in the capital. Non-Germans are overrepresented,” she explained.

The police chief went on to say that there has been a definite increase in knife crime among younger offenders, especially among children.

She also said that her officers have reported that they have noticed that “respect is declining among parts of the population.”

“The threshold for attacking a police officer, even if it is just by shoving them, has also dropped significantly,” Slowik said.

The frank comments from the Berlin Police President come after a string of high-profile stabbings carried out in recent weeks by Afghan migrants.

In one instance, a failed asylum seeker from Afghanistan went on a stabbing spree in Mannheim at a rally against the Islamification of Germany. The migrant knifeman stabbed multiple people, including a police officer, who ultimately died of his wounds.

This was followed last week by another knife rampage by an Afghan migrant, who stabbed a fellow Afghani to death before wounding another three people.

Last year saw a dramatic rise in violent crime among foreigners, making up 79,088 suspected violent criminals in 2023, a 14 per cent increase over 2022 when 69,086 non-Germans were suspected of violent crime.

Commenting on the rise of violent crime among foreign populations within Germany, the Welt am Sontag newspaper wrote: “One thing is certain: many people’s sense of security has deteriorated.

“These are incidents that have shaken the country: knife attacks again, again committed by people who had fled war zones and found a new home in peace in Germany. And who then themselves became a threat to public safety.

“Violent crime continues to rise, and people without a German passport are significantly overrepresented in the statistics. Nobody is talking about isolated cases anymore.”

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