Biden’s Deputies Open New Route for World’s Migrants

TOPSHOT - Migrants cross the Chucunaque river after walking for five days in the Darien Ga
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President Joe Biden’s border chief has opened a new route for the global migrants seeking jobs and housing in the United States.

The faster route uses boats to carry roughly 1,500 migrants per day from ports in Colombia around the deadly Darien Gap trail and up to ports in Panama, according to Todd Bensman, a former intelligence official who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies.

Bandits, floods, exhaustion, and accidents have killed thousands of global migrants on the Darien Gap trail as they walked through Panama’s jungles and mountains towards Biden’s welcome, said Bensman.

But the new boat-and-bus route will not prevent the death of many migrants as they travel from South America, the Caribbean, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East to the United States, he said.

The best way to save lives is to persuade would-be economic migrants to stay at or near home, he said. “You can pretty much guarantee you’re saving lives and victimization if they’re staying home or staying in [safer] countries near their home countries,” he told Breitbart News.

Biden’s progressives deputies — led by border chief Alejandro Mayorkas — are opening the new routes to help more of those wishing to flee to the U.S., even for unidentifiable migrants who hide their real identity, he said, adding:

Their thesis is if you build a bridge [for migrants], and make it real nice so that everybody can come, that’s really the only way to save lives. [They argue that border] enforcement causes migrants to do dangerous things, so let’s not have any enforcement. Well, that’s just an untenable position to most Americans, even liberal Americans, to just have no enforcement.

Once the migrants are delivered to small ports further along Panama’s Caribbean coast, government-funded buses take them to towns in Panama. Many of the migrants rely on aid stations run by progressive groups  — usually funded by the United Nations and the U.S. government — as they travel north through Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

If they reach the U.S. border, the vast majority of Darien Gap migrants are welcomed by Mayorkas’s deputies, and then released to U.S. employers who are eager to hire the desperate migrants instead of hiring better-paid Americans.

The new route opened after Mayorkas visited the Darien Gap area in April.

The new boat-and-bus route bypasses the worst section of the Darien Gap where hundreds or thousands of migrants — including many women and children — have been killed as they try to reach the U.S. prize dangled by Mayorkas and other progressives, said Bensman:

Prior to Biden, the majority of people who came to the Darien Gap, under 10,000 [a year], were young single men — strong and healthy, young single men. When Biden entered office, he started exempting families with young children from Title 42 and pregnant women and unaccompanied minors. So for the first time in the history of the [Darien] Gap, the majority of those who started coming through were women, unaccompanied minors, and families dragging little kids along. Those people then became prey to all of the dangers that adult young single strong men could withstand.

I’ve taken many reports myself of dead pregnant women, of … rotting corpses on the side of the trail … I interviewed a group of Senegalese [migrants] earlier this year, in Tapachula [Mexico] when I was down there. I asked them about the trip and they were all incredibly upset still–it only happened a week or two earlier. They came as a group of childhood friends, and as young adults, they said, “Let’s go on this grand adventure and go through the Darien Gap.” And on the Panamanian side, some bandits got to them and killed one of them. They showed me video on their phones — the bandits shot the guy in the back with a shotgun and killed him on the spot and they’re all trying to save him on the video. They were still just incredibly anxious and worked up over this.

I asked them, “Would you guys have all come had you not heard that Biden would let you over the border?”, and they said, “No, absolutely, we would not have come. We came because we knew we could get in under this President.” Then I said, “Well, so your friend would be alive today if President Biden had not been elected?” [They said;] “Yes, he’d be alive.”

The U.N. reported:

The people who used the route in 2021 were mainly from Haiti, Cuba, Bangladesh, India, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Ghana, and Senegal, as well as Venezuela and Colombia. During 2021, the predominant presence of people of Haitian origin was observed, reaching almost 75% of the total number of people in transit through Panama. The vast majority [of Haitians] correspond to secondary movements and come mainly from countries such as Chile and Brazil where they had temporarily resided.

Doctors Without Borders reported in August 2021 the murderous results of Mayorkas’ lure:

“I saw at least 10 dead bodies in the jungle,” recalls 19-year-old Angel. “But the worst is the people who get left behind—people who cannot climb the mountains or who slip in the rain and mud. It is a route where nobody waits. You see people sitting down, injured, who might have been there for days, waiting for death.”


“This is a nightmare with 1,001 demons,” says 40-year-old Oscar, who is from Colombia but was living in Bolivia. “I saw a child get dragged down the river when he let go of his parents’ hands. I have seen dead bodies, drowned, four of them. I have smelled corpses decomposing in the ravine.”

The off-the-books migration route is managed by Mayorkas.

He is a pro-migration zealot who is using federal money to operate new migration routes into U.S. jobs and homes, even though Congress has repeatedly rejected his demands for more legal migration. His deadly operation is conducted in tacit cooperation with the coyotes and cartels, even while Mayorkas and his allies also try to grab market share from the cartels.

The establishment U.S. media has whitewashed Biden’s deadly invite to the world’s poor. In October 2021, for example, the pro-migration New York Times delicately reported:

in the first nine months of this year, Panamanian officials say, an estimated 95,000 migrants, most of whom are Haitian, attempted the passage on their way to the United States.

They made the journey in shorts and flip-flops, their possessions stuffed in plastic bags, their babies in arms and their children by the hand. It’s uncertain how many made it — and how many didn’t. And yet tens of thousands more are gathered in Colombia, eager for their turn to try.

But the evidence strongly suggests that thousands of migrants have been killed by the progressive welcome offered by Biden, Mayorkas and their fellow progressives, Bensman said:

I’ve talked to journalists who live in the area, or who spent a lot of months in the area, who estimate that it’s between 5 percent and as high as 10 percent of everybody who came through that year. So if 130,000 came through [in 2021 ] — and they’re having another banner year this year — so you can guess 5,000, to 10,000, to 15,000 people, died in 2021 going through there.


GOP politicians are learning to criticize Biden and his deputies for the cruelty of their Extraction Migration economic policy:

“We’ve created a process for people to come here legally,” said Marco Rubio (R-FL), said July 13. But Biden and his deputies are inviting people to enter illegally, at enormous danger to Americans and migrants, he said, adding:

There’s nothing compassionate about luring people into a trip where rapists and murderers and the worst human beings on the planet get their clutches into them, and abuse them and their children, on women traveling alone. It’s a horrifying experience. There’s nothing compassionate about it.

“This is a human catastrophe,” said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN). “I’m persuaded this administration is not going to do anything about … this humanitarian situation until we make it hurt.”

Extraction Migration

Since at least 1990, the D.C. establishment has extracted tens of millions of legal and illegal migrants —plus temporary visa workers — from poor countries to serve as workers, managers, consumers, and renters for various U.S. investors and CEOs.

This half-hidden federal economic policy of Extraction Migration has tilted the free market toward investors and employers.

The inflationary policy makes it difficult for ordinary Americans to get married, advance in their careers, raise families, or buy homes.

Extraction migration has also slowed innovation and shrunk Americans’ productivity, partly because it allows employers to boost stock prices by using cheap stoop labor instead of productivity-boosting technology.

Migration undermines employees’ workplace rights, and it widens the regional wealth gaps between the Democrats’ big coastal states and the Republicans’ heartland and southern states. The flood of cheap labor tilts the economy towards low-productivity jobs and has shoved at least ten million American men out of the labor force.

An economy built on extraction migration also drains Americans’ political clout over elites, alienates young people, and radicalizes Americans’ democratic civic culture because it allows wealthy elites to ignore despairing Americans at the bottom of society.

The economic policy is backed by progressives who wish to transform the U.S. from a society governed by European-origin civic culture into a progressive-directed empire of competitive, resentful identity groups. “We’re trying to become the first multiracial, multi-ethnic superpower in the world,” Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) told the New York Times in March 2022. “It will be an extraordinary achievement … we will ultimately triumph,” he boasted.

 The progressives’ colonialism-like economic strategy kills many migrants. It exploits poor foreigners and splits foreign families as it extracts human resources from poor home countries to serve wealthy U.S. investors. This migration policy also minimizes shareholder pressure on U.S. companies to build up beneficial and complementary trade with people in poor countries.

Business-backed migration advocates hide this Extraction Migration economic policy behind a wide variety of noble-sounding explanations and theatrical border security programs. For example, progressives claim that the U.S. is a “Nation of Immigrants,” that migration is good for migrants, and that the state must renew itself by replacing populations.

The polls show the public wants to welcome some immigration — but they also show deep and broad public opposition to labor migration and the inflow of temporary contract workers into jobs sought by young U.S. graduates.

This “Third Railopposition is growinganti-establishmentmultiracialcross-sexnon-racist, class-basedbipartisanrationalpersistent, and recognizes the solidarity that American citizens owe to one another.


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