Obama: Prosecute the Marines, But Grant Amnesty to the Taliban?!

For U.S. Marines to urinate on the dead is a dishonorable thing to do. And to tape it? Dishonorable and stupid. But to now go on a witch hunt over the matter is ridiculous. The Marines should be disciplined for what they did, but to characterize this as a crime and to treat them as criminals is ridiculous. Put 18 and 19 year-olds in a combat zone and you are going to get bad behavior. But to throw the book at these Marines is an overreach and a mistake.

Throw the book at these guys…

..but Taliban brutality brings amnesty?

The irony of all this is that the push for prosecution comes at the same time that the Obama Administration is pushing for talks with the Taliban. Everyone assumes that any sort of political agreement with the Taliban would include some sort of amnesty for Taliban violence and barbaric acts far worse than what the Marines did. Do we really want to face the prospect of Marines in jail for urinating on dead bodies while Taliban war criminals go free? God forbid…

President Obama has some tough choices to make.


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