Egyptian Bus Explosion Kills Three South Korean Tourists

Egyptian Bus Explosion Kills Three South Korean Tourists

As details emerge of the explosion that ripped through an Egyptian tour bus on February 16th, it is clear that at least three South Koreans were among the dead.

The Huffington Post reports this is the first “targeting of foreign tourists…to take place in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula in nearly a decade.”

During a 2004 attack “a massive bomb devastated a luxury hotel in Taba, killing 34 people, mostly foreign tourists.” That was followed by “suicide bombings at Sharm el-Sheik” in July 2005 and an “attack on the Red Sea Resort at Dahab the following year.”

No group has taken credit for the February 16th bus bombing, but it has the characteristics “of an attack blamed on the Al Qaeda-linked militant group battling the army and security forces in Sinai’s restive north.”

Although all the details of the bus bombing have yet to be released, it appears to have been blown up “by a car bomb or a roadside bomb that was detonated by remote control.”

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