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Rep. Issa, Where Is the Pigford Investigation?


Congressman Issa,

Back on January 3rd of this year, you said the following in a video interview about the Pigford II settlement.

I have to use every asset I can get including all the other committees to do what they can. So, Pigford, we’ll participate but we’ll make sure other committees do their work.

Now we’re well into the heat of the summer with several major deadlines for Pigford II looming and the American people have yet to see an investigation into the scandal.

Congressman Issa, I’ll be direct — the issue that is most troubling to many people is that you recently voted to keep Pigford funding. I have no idea why you would cast a vote against representative Steve King (R-IA) and his efforts to stop both the fraudulent nature of the settlement and the legislative chicanery that created it. I have seen no explanation forthcoming and frankly I’m not imaginative enough to be able to come up with one that makes sense.

The burden of proof is now on you to show that you will actually ‘use every asset’ to get an investigation into Pigford II started in all due haste, despite casting a vote to continue its funding. In other words, Congressman Issa — you now own responsibility for the billion dollar plus political payback Pigford II settlement.

There’s no shortage of material that documents the need to investigate what appears to be massive fraud that was actually built into the system intentionally. In fact, we’re in the process of reorganizing thePigford Resource Page and the biggest problem I’m having is that we actually have so much material that there is a danger of becoming overwhelming.In the next couple days we will rerelease the newly christened“Darrell Issa Memorial Farmer’s Fraud Resource Page.”

Make no mistake, the clock is ticking. In 52 days, a crucial milestone in the Pigford to settlement will be reached. According to the website…

September 1, 2011 – Fairness Hearing – The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing at 9:30 am to hear any objections and decide whether to grant final approval to the Settlement.

That’s why we’re taking up the call for you to take immediate action on this, Congressman Issa. Consider it an experiment in democracy. We’ll be doing more articles and videos on Pigford. We’re helping the legitimate black farmers to get the word out. And rest assured, the public is watching.

This issue strikes at the very heart of the frustration that many conservatives have with the establishment politicians in Washington. The fraud that is Pigford II must be stopped, Rep. Issa. It’s time for you to keep your word.


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