WSJ’s Strassel on Carson Media Coverage: ‘There’s A Difference Between Vetting And Vendetta’

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel said of the media’s coverage of Dr. Ben Carson’s past, “There’s a difference between vetting and vendetta.”

When asked if the media scrutiny might help Carson, Strassel said, “I think it might, but there’s a difference between vetting and vendetta. I think a lot of times when it comes to the press, they get this treatment that just nobody else gets.”

Host Wallace asked, “I’m curious, do you think that examining whether or not he was offered a scholarship to West Point, trying to find out the truth of that, is that a vendetta or vetting?”

Strassel said, “That’s probably something worth looking into, but you look at the CNN story where they go back 50 years looking at his childhood friend, is this a person you remember 50 years ago, somehow suggesting this is an appropriate look. I think the problem for Carson, though, and this does get to an issue, the channeling he has is how he wrote about he’s the genuine outsider, but the truth is that you have an experienced politician, they do have a fifth sense about what they can say and not, so they know — and they’re careful they don’t engage in loose language, because they know if they give that opening, here going to get hit.”

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