Daniel Horowitz: Stop All Muslim Immigration Into The Western World

migrants are criminals
Lennart Preiss/Getty Images
Washington, D.C.

Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor of the Conservative Review, says we need to halt Muslim immigration into the western world.

Horowitz tells Steve K. Bannon on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily that “we are completely focusing on the wrong issues” when it comes to the debate over bringing in Syrian refugees into the United States. He argued that “this is not about vetting” but that this is about the Muslim ideology.

This is an issue of Muslim immigration in the western civilization. The problem is not every Muslim per se. The problem is the ideology of Islamic supremacism that when mixed with modern day technology and the internet when you have connectivity and they’re all connected throughout the world. The cyber jihad is very successful at radicalizing them, there is no way to disentangle that.

Horowitz pointed to the Paris terrorist attacks Friday that killed more than 120 people. He argued that we need to take a look at the terrorists who committed these crimes in order to prevent an attack on U.S. soil.

“These are homegrown Belgian and French nationals. Many of them were born there,” said Horowitz. “So this is a problem in numbers, it’s in culture. They cluster there. They have an irrevocable problem. As Americans we need to look at Europe very ominously and ask ourselves one question: do we want to follow in their footsteps or not?”

Horowitz also discussed the rise in immigration into the United States from Muslim-majority countries.

“We doubled our immigration from these countries since 9/11. There’s evidence that recently it’s really taken off. That Islamic immigration is the fastest growing in the percentage.”

“Saudi Arabia visas have increased 93 percent since 2010. This is mentally ill. There is a human instinct of self preservation, you don’t jump into a fire. Nobody will do that. But when it comes to the political elites in the western countries, both here and in Europe, they literally will jump in fire.”