Ingraham: McConnell OK With Attacking Trump Because Establishment’s ‘About Power’

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “about power” and punishes his political enemies like President Obama on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Ingraham said, “But for you to have trotted out this pledge over at the RNC…and now Mitch McConnell, behind closed doors, because it’s never on mic, behind closed doors is telling people you can run these ads against him [Trump]. You can run the ads, go to town on him, because in the end, the GOP establishment is a lot like the Democrats, it’s about power. … And because their power structure is threatened, from within, and the voters are rallying to that, rather than work with the frontrunner, and try to make him better, or convince him on a couple of issues, or just get some people in his administration or his campaign, instead, kill him. I didn’t know McConnell was a hit man, but remember, they were taking all those budget chairmanships away. Remember they removed Jeff Sessions of budget. … They hurt their political enemies. So, remember Obama, punish your enemies.”

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