Donald Trump Exposes Hillary Clinton’s ‘Politics of Personal Profit’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump blasted presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, saying she’s a “world class liar” who believes she’s entitled to the Oval Office and has mastered the “politics of personal profit” while leaving “death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched.”

“I’m with you, the American people,” Trump said, in response to Clinton’s campaign slogan, ‘I’m with her.’

“The insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power,” Trump stated, slamming a rigged system created by politicians and special interests. “It’s rigged by big donors who want to keep wages down.”

“She gets rich by making you poor,” Trump said specifically about Clinton and her time as Secretary of State, alleging that she was cutting deals on behalf of the United States while benefiting personally with money put into her personal bank account.

He pleaded to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporters to join his movement to fix the “rigged” system and “disastrous” trade deals, adding that it’s “not just the political system that’s rigged, it’s the whole economy.”

Trump called Clinton a “world class liar,” saying one of her best lies was about her “phony landing in Bosnia” where she said she was under attack, but it was later revealed young girls greeted her with flowers. “A total and self serving lie,” Trump slammed.

“Brian Williams’ career was destroyed for saying less,” Trump added of the journalist’s lie about being under fire while overseas.

“I’m running for president to end the unfairness and to put you, the American worker, first,” Trump said. “This election will decide whether we are ruled by the people or by the politicians.”

He said as president he will end the special interest monopoly in D.C., unlike Clinton who “spent her entire life making money for special interest.”

“Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft,” he charged, hitting her for her Wall Street speeches where she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, but refuses to release the transcripts of her speeches to the public — an attack Sanders used throughout the primary. “She believes she’s entitled to the office.”

In addition to special interest issues and credibility, Trump hit Clinton over her email scandal, where she used a private email server to handle business as Secretary of State, saying, “This is the latest Clinton cover up.”

He also went after Clinton about Benghazi, Libya where four Americans including Ambassador Stevens was murdered, Clinton first blamed a viral video rather than a terrorist attack, which was later revealed to be what she believed and told her own family — but not the American public.

“Her decision spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched,” Trump slammed, saying she’s opened Pandora’s box of radical Islam. “ISIS threatens us today because of the decisions Hillary Clinton has made.”

Trump said Clinton “may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States.”


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