Breitbart News Makes Politico’s ‘Playbook Power 30 List’

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Breitbart News figures prominently in the new list of power brokers and influencers in Washington as Donald J. Trump comes to the White House on January 20. “Massive change is clearly coming,” Politico notes as it reveals its new list of the most influential people in D.C.

The list of the 30 most powerful people and groups in Trump’s Washington debuted this week and identifies “the people who know what’s really happening and will determine what gets done and undone.”

“Donald Trump won the presidency by promising to sweep away ‘a failed and corrupt establishment,'” Politico writes in its introduction. “Now he’s coming to Washington, and he’s creating a new establishment of his own — a motley crew of political neophytes, would-be revolutionaries and longtime insiders. Some are familiar faces on the rise; others wouldn’t know the Hay-Adams from H Street.”

While Breitbart News ranks in at the 25th slot, Politico’s Playbook insists that the numbering is “in no certain order.”

Of Breitbart News, the Power Players list says,

In a world where access to Trump and his inner circle are currency, Breitbart is rich. Steve Bannon ran the place — until he left to work for Trump — and made it into a full-fledged attack dog against what it considered wayward Republicans. The right-wing media platform has gotten a behind-the-scenes look at the Presidential Inaugural Committee and a radio interview with Bannon, who has largely kept out of the media spotlight since the election. In the future, as legislating gets into full swing, expect Breitbart to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire.

Former Breitbart honcho Stephen K. Bannon is actually mentioned twice on the list, as he is also featured with Trump White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus as the duo become the new president’s top men in the White House.

Others featured on the Power Players list include—from the right side of the aisle—Sean Spicer, Representative Jim Jordon, Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, and Peter Thiel; and from the left such folks as Clinton apologist David Brock, Kelly Ward, David Simas, and Maggie Haberman, among others.

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