James Comey Mocks Trump’s Looks, Says Obama Compliments Almost Made Him Cry

James Comey Mocks Trump's Looks, Says Obama Compliments Almost Made Him Cry

The roll-out of disgraced former-FBI Director James Comey’s anti-Trump book is already smelling like a dud.

Thus far, according to the book excerpts and interview clips released so far, the only news is that Comey personally despises Trump (he goes so far as to mock the president’s appearance), but there is no bombshell evidence about the president engaging in anything illegal or even unethical. At Fox News, Chris Wallace said the book is “bitchy” and more damaging to Comey than to Trump.

There is the news, though, that compliments from former-President Obama almost made James Comey cry.

Comey writes that he sat with Obama in late November. This would have been after the presidential election, during the transition. At the time, Comey was under fire for his handling of Hillary Clinton’s email case. Democrats were furious with Comey, directly blaming his handling of the re-opening of the case for Hillary’s shocking loss.

According to Comey, Obama reassured him, “I picked you to be FBI director because of your integrity and your ability. I want you to know that nothing has happened in the last year to change my view.”

Come writes that he was on the verge of tears.

“Boy, were those words I needed to hear … I’m just trying to do the right thing,” was his reply.

“I know,” Obama said. “I know.”

Comey’s attacks on Trump’s appearance are not only highly personal but worthy of Twilight fan-fiction:

“His face appeared slightly orange with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I assumed he placed small tanning goggles, and impressively coifed, bright blond hair, which upon close inspection looked to be all his…..As he extended his hand, I made a mental note to check its size. It was smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so,” Comey writes.

And, “I stared at the soft white pouches under his expressionless blue eyes. I remember thinking in that moment that the president doesn’t understand the FBI’s role in American life.”

What’s more, in what can only be described as an absurd contradiction, in their upcoming Sunday interview, Comey tells George Stephanopoulos that Trump ordered him to investigate the phony story about him (Trump) hiring prostitute’s in Moscow to urinate on each other.

According to Comey, Trump wanted the story firmly disproved by the FBI.

Comey claims he talked Trump out it.

Nevertheless, Comey still tells Stephanopoulos that he cannot say for sure if the prostitute story is untrue.

Apparently, we are supposed to believe that Trump would want the FBI to investigate such a thing even though it might have actually happened.

Comey also chose not tell Trump that this particular story was manufactured from Hillary Clinton’s oppo-team.

Over at Fox News, Chris Wallace, who is no Trump fan, is describing Comey’s book as “bitchy” and more damaging to Comey’s reputation than to Trump’s.


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