GOP Sen. David Perdue on Impeachment: ‘Not a Chance in Hell’ Trump will Be Convicted in Senate

David Perdue
AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Appearing Monday on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) predicted it is highly unlikely the Senate will vote to convict President Donald Trump if Congress’s upper chamber takes up an impeachment trial.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

BRET BAIER: Is there any chance if Nancy Pelosi gets the votes on an articles impeachment moves through to a Senate trial? Is there any chance in your mind that the president could be convicted in a Senate trial?

SEN. DAVID PERDUE: Not a chance in hell, Breit.

BAIER: Zero, you’ve already made up your mind.

SEN. PERDUE: Absolutely. I’ve seen the evidence, there is nothing that rises to the level of impeachment. And look, this is a clear example of the continued obstructionism to try to undo a duly elected president from 2016.

BAIER: When you hear Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and other of your colleagues who say they haven’t decided yet and want to see the evidence, how did you reach your conclusion?

SEN. PERDUE: I’ve reached my conclusion because I’ve seen the evidence or at least what we’re seen so far and it’s nothing that rises to the level of impeachment. I can’t answer for my colleagues, but they are denying the absolute truth that this president is getting results for the people back home and that’s what I think Nancy Pelosi is responding to here.


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