Mark Levin: Peter Schweizer Deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom

Peter Schweizer
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Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said on Thursday that Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for reporting on corruption and abuse of power among American politicians.

Levin made his remarks during his eponymous radio show. He identified broad censorship and suppression of information across the news media and Big Tech in the context of reporting on relationships between Hunter Biden and foreign states and interests.

Levin stated:

The only entities, the only people that would report on this — and Peter Schweizer, who deserves a Medal of Freedom, in my view — is Peter, conservative talk radio. Fox picked it up, not the news side, the opinion side. Of course, the New York Post and others, but not many others.

It was blocked by Big Tech. It was censored by Big Media and the propaganda was burped up by the Biden campaign through both Big Tech and Big Media. We have a huge problem in this country, autocracy and fascism, in the media, in Big Tech, in Washington, D.C.

LISTEN (relevant portion begins at 2:25):

Levin described former Vice President Joe Biden as a “Manchurian candidate” while referencing the former vice president’s family’s financial ties to China:

The so-called president-elect is actually a Manchurian candidate. That’s right, you heard it here first. China’s Manchurian candidate communist. China’s man in Washington. And we knew it. We knew about him, his brother. We know about his son. 

I talked the other day about the individuals that [Biden] would bring into the administration and their ties to China and how they wish to appease China. I’ve talked about a two-front war that we’re facing — the fifth column within the United States and China — and that this is the worst possible administration, should it come to pass — God forbid — at the worst possible time, because China is on the ascendancy and Joe Biden will drag us down into the descendancy.

Levin noted political coordination between news media, the Democrat Party, and Big Tech.

“You saw here a real iron triangle,” Levin stated, “An iron triangle of the corrupt media, the corrupt Democrat Party, and the corrupt Biden family, and when I say media I include Big Tech.”

Schweizer will join Levin on this Sunday’s edition of Life, Liberty, and Levin on Fox News Channel.

Breitbart News reported on digital suppression of the New York Post‘s reports on Hunter Biden’s alleged leveraging of his father’s political influence for self-enrichment. Left-wing news media broadly dismissed and suppressed the New York Post‘s reports.


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