Steve Bannon Explains the ‘Trump Miracle’: Sovereignty, Economy, Security

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Sovereignty, economic growth, and national security form the trinity of the “Trump miracle,” said Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday.

Bannon’s remarks were featured on Tuesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM in a conversation with his co-host, Breitbart News’ Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.

“[The Trump miracle] is in three areas,” said Bannon. “One, in our sovereignty; two, in our economy; and three, in our security.”

American sovereignty was being restored through both border security and reforms to immigration policies, said Bannon:

“In the sovereignty, it’s about shutting down illegal crossings, shutting down illegal immigration to the country with ICE raids, with stopping catch and release, with really enforcing the border. Even though we don’t have the southern wall, [illegal crossings across the southern border] are down to a 46-year low.”

Bannon similarly touted the Trump administration’s restoration of sovereignty during a Monday address at a campaign rally for Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore in Midland City, AL.

“[Donald Trump] stopped mass illegal immigration. The number one beneficiary of that is the Hispanic and black working class, because they don’t have to compete with illegal alien labor … American workers are gonna be considered at the top of the heap, not at the bottom of the heap with trade deals and illegal immigration. He’s gotten our sovereignty back,” said Bannon.

Bannon noted a current 17-year low in illegal entry into the U.S. across the southern border as evidence of Trump’s restoration of American sovereignty; a claim warily accepted by left-wing news media outlets such as PolitiFact, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Assorted economic metrics illustrated the Trump administration’s progress on the prosperity front, said Bannon:

“Companies overseas are investing [in America] like never before; 40,000 manufacturing jobs created in the month of November, alone; 2.2 million jobs [created] since he took over; Hispanic unemployment at 4.7 percent, it’s the lowest in living memory; black unemployment at a 17-year low; wages are starting to rise.”

“It’s an economic renaissance,” continued Bannon. “And it’s gonna start getting even better with the tax bill because we’re gonna become more competitive on the corporate side [with] our tax rates, and we’re gonna repatriate $3 trillion in cash, and we’ve changed tax law so that now people can expense 100 percent of capital equipment expenditures for manufacturing in period zero, at the beginning, which is going to explode manufacturing.”

Bannon regularly describes “free trade” as a “radical idea,” casting the status quo of international trade as undermining the American national interest via intellectual property theft and America’s decades-long hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs.

President Donald Trump has made inroads “stopping the financing of radical Islamic terrorism,” pointing to the Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates as becoming U.S.-partners toward this end.

On Monday, Bannon heralded the Trump administration’s military operations against ISIS:

“In ten months, [Donald Trump] destroyed the physical caliphate of ISIS. These people in 2014 under the previous commander in chief, they had eight million people under slavery in Iraq and Syria. They were recruiting non-stop in Europe. They had oil wells and wheat fields they were taxing. They were a more robust nation state than Iraq and Syria, at the time.”

Trump’s achievements are more notable in light of the “nullification project,” said Bannon; a euphemism for a coordinated effort between the “permanent political class” of both parties and their news media and government allies to curtail the Trump presidency.

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