Seven Big East and Big Ten Teams 'Locks' for Bids; Spoiler Watch List

Seven Big East and Big Ten Teams 'Locks' for Bids; Spoiler Watch List

The Big Ten and Big East both have seven teams that are “locks” to make the tournament, so as long as one of them win they leave 10 spots for the “Breitbart Sports Middle 20.” If your team is on the bubble for an NCAA tournament bid, then you need to hope teams on this list win their conference tournaments. Every time that does NOT happen, another bid is taken away from the 10 currently available for the Breitbart Sports Middle 20. If anyone besides Gonzaga wins the West Coast Conference, or someone besides Belmont wins the Ohio Valley, then that champion takes a spot away from the Middle 20 because both they and Gonzaga/Belmont go as well.  

Conference NCAA Tourney “Lock”
A10 Butler
A10 St. Louis
A10 Virginia Commonwealth
ACC Duke
ACC Miami FL
ACC North Carolina
ACC North Carolina St.
B10 Illinois
B10 Indiana
B10 Michigan
B10 Michigan St.
B10 Minnesota
B10 Ohio St.
B10 Wisconsin
B12 Kansas
B12 Kansas St.
B12 Oklahoma
B12 Oklahoma St.
BE Cincinnati
BE Georgetown
BE Louisville
BE Marquette
BE Notre Dame
BE Pittsburgh
BE Syracuse
CUSA Memphis
MAC Akron
MVC Wichita St.
MWC Colorado St.
MWC Nevada Las Vegas
MWC New Mexico
MWC San Diego St.
OVC Belmont
P12 Arizona
P12 Colorado
P12 Oregon
SB Middle Tennessee
SEC Florida
SEC Missouri
WAC Louisiana Tech
WCC Gonzaga

Here are the conferences with the most teams who are a “lock” for the tournament:

Big East – 7

Big Ten – 7

ACC – 4

Big 12 – 4

Mountain West – 4

Pac 12 – 4

Atlantic 10 – 3

SEC – 2

Mid-American – 1

Ohio Valley – 1

West Coast – 1

Western Athletic – 1

Conference USA – 1

Sun Belt – 1

Missouri Valley – 1