Fax Machine Snafu Puts Denver's Dumervil on Market

Fax Machine Snafu Puts Denver's Dumervil on Market

In a strange twist, Elvis Dumervil, the Denver Bronco everyone reported had reached an agreement with the Denver to take a pay cut, has been released due to a fax machine snafu. 

Previously, Broncos decision-maker John Elway had criticized Dumervil’s salary as “out of whack.”

However, the two sides had come to an agreement that would cut the pass rusher’s salary from $12 million annually to $8 million. The agreement came at the last minute, but the signed contract was not faxed in to Denver on time, forcing the Broncos to release him for the 4pm deadline.

Instead it arrived 6 minutes late, and many are criticizing the antiquated fax machine “technology” although it is not yet clear which side was at fault.

Dumervil will now be on the open market, and he could be hot commodity, as he has proven to be one of the NFL’s top sack artists.