Muzio's Picks: Ole Miss in the Elite 8???

Muzio's Picks: Ole Miss in the Elite 8???

The last time I filled out a bracket was 2011, and my wife, who was my fiancée at the time, filled hers out for the first time. Having consistently put together brackets that would win amongst my friends or finish in the top 20% of the national website; I was confident.

And, in case you were wondering what happened to my 2012 bracket, it has simply taken this long to get over my embarrassment after having lost to my wife who picked based on colors and nicknames.

The NCAA Tournament is among the greatest national events because it is unpredictable, and it serves as such a humbling experience for anyone who attempts to cast themselves as an expert.

That being said, here are my picks for your ridicule now, scorn following this weekend, and outright mockery a couple of weeks from now.



Advancing to Second Round: Louisville. Missouri, Oregon, Saint Louis, Saint Mary’s, Michigan State, Creighton, and Duke

Advancing to Sweet 16: Louisville, Saint Louis, Michigan State, and Duke

Advancing to Elite 8: Louisville and Michigan State

Advancing to Final Four: Louisville



Advancing to Second Round: Gonzaga, Pittsburgh, Ole Miss, Kansas State, Belmont, New Mexico, Iowa State, and Ohio State

Advancing to Sweet 16: Pittsburgh, Ole Miss, Belmont, and Ohio State

Advancing to Elite 8: Ole Miss and Ohio State

Advancing to Final Four: Ohio State



Advancing to Second Round: Kansas, UNC, VCU, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, Oklahoma, and Georgetown

Advancing to Sweet 16: Kansas, Michigan, Florida, and Georgetown

Advancing to Elite 8: Michigan and Georgetown

Advancing to Final Four: Michigan



Advancing to Second Round: Indiana, NC State, UNLV, Syracuse, Bucknell, Davidson, Colorado, Miami

Advancing to Sweet 16: Indiana, Syracuse, Bucknell, and Miami

Advancing to Elite 8: Syracuse and Miami

Advancing to Final Four: Miami


Final Four: Louisville, Ohio State, Michigan, and Miami

Championship: Louisville and Michigan

Champion: Louisville