NFL Commissioner: I Hope Tebow's Part of NFL

NFL Commissioner: I Hope Tebow's Part of NFL

Tim Tebow has had his critics. NFL analysts and fans have lined up in criticism of his throwing motion, his faith and his expression of it, and the way he conducts himself. He is unquestionably one of the most controversial football players of our time, earning tremendous respect from some, and vocal hostility from others.

Now, we can count NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell among the former.

In an interview with the NFL Network, Goodell lavished praise on the former Heisman Trophy winner, calling him a “great young man.”

“I sure hope he’s part of the NFL going forward,” he said. “He’s just a terrific young man and represents all of the values that I think all of our players do.”

With many owners making a conscious effort to keep Tebow out of the league, the comments from the powerful commissioner could provide a much needed boost to the quarterback’s hopes of returning to the league.

As the former Gator remains outside the league, it is clear that he has not yet been given an opportunity to show what he can do as an NFL quarterback. He was clearly a promotional stunt last season with the New York Jets.

While it is unlikely that Tebow will wind up as a starter, he could provide value in a reserve role or in different packages if he lands with a team committed to utilizing him and capable of handling the scrutiny that will come with having the lightning rod quarterback on their team.