Bledsoe, Redick Traded

Bledsoe, Redick Traded

Eric Bledsoe has been mentioned in countless trade scenarios over the past year plus. Now, he has finally been dealt. 

The Los Angeles Clippers finally traded the dynamic young guard whose talents were wasted behind one of the best floor captains in the NBA, Chris Paul. Bledsoe, along with veteran forward Caron Butler, were dealt to the Phoenix Suns.

In return, the Suns sent forward Jared Dudley to the Clippers while the Bucks added sharpshooter J.J. Redick to the deal. Both teams sent second round picks to Milwaukee.

Both the Suns and the Clippers  improved their teams with the trade. For the Clippers, the shooting abilities of Redick and Dudley add an extra dimension to the franchise, while the Suns will now pair Bledsoe with Goran Dragic to form a dynamic back-court.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, however, the trade may not make them immeasurably better than they were before and it is debatable whether it allows them to take a step forward in becoming contenders. 

The Bucks, meanwhile, will now get something in return for Redick, who was unlikely to return.