Kidd: Williams is 'Better Than Me'

Kidd: Williams is 'Better Than Me'

Comparisons between Jason Kidd and Deron Williams have long been present, but the age gap between the two kept the debate from being settled on the court.

However, the new Nets coach has made his selection between the two jumbo point guards. 

“He’s better than me. I mean, he can shoot,” said Kidd. “He’s a guy who can set the
table, he can get to the basket, he can score. I don’t look at him as
me. Again, he’s a little bit better than I am.”

Kidd, a certain Hall of Famer, seems to be wary of continued comparisons. “I want to (Williams) to be him,” Kidd said Friday. “I want him to be
the basketball player that we all know he can be. We’re going to set
lofty goals where as a coaching staff and teammates put him in a
position to reach them.”

He also said he will trust his star guard. “Just recognizing the situation,” Kidd said. “Deron is a very gifted
guard, so for me it’s about mentally talking to him about different
situations and get what he’s thinking so we can both be on the same

Kidd was a surprise choice to take over as the head coach for the Brooklyn Nets, but it is considered that his ability to utilize Williams was a factor. Beyond the point guard, the team has added veterans Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the nucleus of Williams, Brook Lopez, and Joe Johnson to become an early favorite as the team most likely to challenge the Heat for NBA preeminence.