Pro-Marijuana Billboard Outside Mile High Stadium for NFL Opener

Pro-Marijuana Billboard Outside Mile High Stadium for NFL Opener

When the NFL season begins on Thursday in Denver between the Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens, football fans heading into Mile High Stadium in Denver will be greeted with a pro-marijuana billboard just outside the stadium.

According to USA Today:

The Marijuana Policy Project announced Wednesday that it has posted a giant billboard advertisement — within eye-shot of Denver’s Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium — that warns the National Football League: “Stop Driving Players to Drink.”

The 48 X 14 foot billboard, which shows a football leaning against a foaming beer glass, advises: “A safer choice is now legal here.” Colorado, after all, is one of two states (along with Washington state) that have recently legalized marijuana use by adults 21 and over.

“NFL players are being told that they can go out and get completely drunk, but face no punishment from the league,” Mason Tvert, a spokesman for the Marijuana Policy project, said. “But if a player gets caught using marijuana, they could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, forced to sit out games and deemed a troublemaker.”

The company that owns the billboard reportedly sold the space for $5,000.