Team USA Egged by Angry Costa Rica Fans

Team USA Egged by Angry Costa Rica Fans

Upon arriving in Costa Rica on Tuesday, the United States soccer team was pelted with eggs and verbally harangued. Costa Rica fans were angry about a 1-0 loss to team USA back in March that they attribute to a colossal snowstorm that hit the stadium in Colorado.

The victory allowed team USA to maintain the top overall ranking in the World Cup Qualification table.

When team USA stepped off of the plane, Costa Rica fans immediately began chanting “USA no fair play” and hurled eggs at the players.

Costa Rica gunning for revenge in Friday’s World Cup Qualifier when the two teams meet, and the United States team said they got a good laugh out of the incident.

“It’s no problem,” U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard said. “It’s just part of the game. Obviously, there’s gamesmanship involved. They’re excited to see their team win and they’re going to try to use that as their advantage. For us, it is no problem. We had a good laugh about it.”