Stalls with Dual Toilets at Sochi Games?

Stalls with Dual Toilets at Sochi Games?

Foreigners arriving in Sochi for the Winter Games in two weeks may be surprised if they have to go to the restroom at some of the venues. 

Hello, stalls with dual toilets. 

BBC Russia correspondent Steve Rosenberg tweeted a picture of dual toilets in the Biathalon Centre on Monday and then had to tweet it again to emphasize his reflection in the flusher because his disbelieving followers suggested it may have been photoshopped. Some of his followers joked that all of the graft associated with the Sochi Games, which reportedly had a $50 billion budget, forced the Russians to skimp on the bathrooms while others were generally horrified at potentially having to use such bathrooms. 

A Russian blog has more examples of similar toilet arrangements at restaurants and sports venues around Sochi.


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