Pouncey Has Not Undergone NFL Ordered Psychological Testing

Pouncey Has Not Undergone NFL Ordered Psychological Testing

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, implicated in the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal by the Wells Report, revealed he hasn’t undergone psychological testing as ordered by the NFL as a precondition to playing this season. Roger Goodell announced the requirement in the wake of the report.

“I have no clue, but I don’t think I need that,” the center told reporters about a deadline for medical evaluation. “So I haveno clue.” On whether he needs such a test, Pouncey responded: “I just don’t think I do.”

Pouncey has made the wrong kind of headlines in the last year aside from the scandal. He wore a “Free Hernandez” cap following his college teammate’s arrest for murder and posted a picture that showed a framed Aaron Hernandez jersey in the background. In a not so oblique reference to the Martin affair, Pouncey tweeted after the draft that he looked forward to receiving gifts from the Dolphins first-round pick.

Pouncey remains the lone Dolphin on the roster embroiled in the Incognito-Martin bullying scandal. John Jerry signed with the Giants, Jonathan Martin reunited with college coach Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco after a trade, and Richie Incognito remains a free agent.