NASCAR Institutes New Kevin Ward Jr. Rule

NASCAR Institutes New Kevin Ward Jr. Rule

Yellow means caution, not throw caution to the wind.

That’s the message of a new rule introduced by NASCAR in the wake of the death of Kevin Ward Jr.

The new rule states that “if a race car is involved in an on-track incident on or near the racing surface, and is unable to continue to make forward progress, unless extenuating emergency conditions exist with the race car (such as smoke or fire inside the car),” the driver must remain in the car. The rule also tells drivers and crew members to stay away from the race track as pedestrians.

After Tony Stewart edged Kevin Ward Jr. into the wall at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York last Saturday night, the young driver left his damaged vehicle and angrily approached Stewart’s sprint car, which then hit and killed Ward. The race did not occur under the auspices of NASCAR. Nevertheless, the racing organization seeks to prevent another situation that takes a life and attracts negative attention to the sport.