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Bills Center: Blame ESPN for Michael Sam Cut

Bills Center: Blame ESPN for Michael Sam Cut

Michael Sam boasted three preseason sacks and led the St. Louis Rams in tackles in their game against the Dolphins. So why is the pass rusher on the outside of the NFL looking in upon week one of the season?

“[B]lame that on espn,” tweets Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood. “No one wants the distraction.”

The network reported last week that Sam wasn’t showering with the rest of the team. An unnamed player told ESPN that the gay player was “respecting our space.” As Tim Tebow painfully learned, the D-word strikes coaches’ ears as an obscenity. Wood suggests that the distractions that come with Michael Sam forced the Rams to go with another defensive end.

Despite Sam’s strong preseason showing, the Rams won’t be bringing him back. They enjoy one of the deepest cadres of defensive linemen in the NFL. The tough competition Sam faced in training camp means the team’s practice squad likely won’t employ his services. The Rams look to stock the taxi squad with players manning positions that lack depth on the roster.



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