Despite Not Being Asked, Sports Writers Vow Never to Play Golf With Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Tiger Woods at the Tiger Woods Villa prior to the start of the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship at Trump National Doral on March 5, 2014 in Doral, Florida. Credit:

The reporters at gathered together recently to discuss the question of playing golf with President Donald Trump, and most vowed not to ever play with the commander in chief — not that any of them have ever been asked to do so.

In an April 13 feature, TheBigLead asked, “Given how much golf every President plays, it got us thinking: If you won or were invited to play a round of golf with President Donald Trump, would you play?”

Of the eight BigLead sports reporters asked, only three answered with a “yes.”

Those who said yes, Michael Shamburger, Jason Lisk, and, Jason McIntyre, all answered with a quick paragraph. In the case of Shamburger, he gave but a six-word answer in the affirmative.

Ah, but those who said “no” had a whole lot to say to explain their petulance.

Writer Ty Duffy puffed himself up as a moral warrior for refusing to play golf with Trump. In fact, Duffy said he wouldn’t even deign to shake Trump’s hand on or off the fairways.

Next, Kyle Koster was blunt with his answer. “No,” Koster huffed. “I have no interest in spending any time with Donald Trump.”

Writer Ryan Phillips, as apparently someone smarter and more interesting than Trump, said he would not want to golf with POTUS because, “he just seems like someone I’d have absolutely no desire to talk to or be around for hours.”

For his part, Stephen Douglas, who also said “no,” went on to insist, “it’s complicated.” While admitting it would be quite a thing to tell a child that daddy played golf with a president, Douglas also noted that refusing to play with a president is also quite a story. Ultimately, Douglas deemed the opportunity a “hard pass.”

Finally, unlike the others, Ryan Glasspiegel — who also said he wouldn’t play — didn’t eschew the possibility because he hates Trump, but because he hates golf.

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