Prison Hell for Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

Convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez endured multiple attacks by other prisoners before he ended his life by hanging himself at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Mass.

Moreover, newly released prison records reveal that the former New England Patriots star, imprisoned for life after a conviction for double homicide, continuously broke prison rules. During his 22 months of incarceration in Bristol County Jail, prison officials charged him with 21 disciplinary offenses, according to the Daily Mail.

After moving from Bristol to Souza-Baranowski, Hernandez received  78 more disciplinary offenses in 12 separate incidents.

The then 27-year-old Hernandez engaged in four fights, and on one occasion he wielded a six-inch handmade knife. During one altercation he ignored several prison guard orders to break it up, forcing officers to spray “chemical agents” on him and the other inmate.

Bizarrely, one night in November 2013, the Mail further reports, the fallen football player stuffed himself with 20 Honey Buns pastries—a feat perhaps only famed hot dog eater Takeru Kobayashi could replicate. According to the report, Hernandez mistakenly received the pastries so he devoured them to prevent officers from confiscating them.

In another peculiar episode, outraged by prison officials screening his mail, he ripped up the letter and ate it in front of the guards.”I’ll eat the [expletive] and then you don’t get [expletive],” screamed Hernandez according to the report.

“I’m a smart dude,” he added, “I knew you’d be coming for this stuff… that’s why I ate as much food as I could.” According to reports, the pathetic NFL outcast asked if he could eat the four buns left over, but the guards didn’t let him. Hernandez protested saying, “I am so hungry.”

Last month the uncovered that Hernandez requested a cell with his alleged gay lover Kyle Kennedy, but officials denied his request. Hernandez told prison officials he had been “close since the streets,” with Kennedy.


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