NFL Vet Blasts League’s New Brand of ‘Anti-Americanism and Thuggery’

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick answers questions at a news conference after an NFL preseason football game against the Green Bay Packers, Aug. 26, 2016, in Santa Clara, California.
Ben Margot/AP Photo

An NFL veteran has spoken out against the leftist activism of the National Football League. A league which, he says, used to be synonymous with patriotism and character.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday, Burgess Owens claimed that the NFL has rebranded from patriotism to “anti-Americanism and thuggery.”

Owens, who played for the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets during his ten year career, said, “We’re fighting against an agenda of liberalism, socialism, and Marxism.”

Owens comments bear particular relevance this week, after a J.D. Power survey found that the Colin Kaepernick-led anthem protests of last year led more fans to turn away from the league than any other single cause. With 26 percent of respondents saying they watched the league less, specifically due to the anthem protests.

In response to the survey’s findings, Owens said, “I’m not surprised at all.”

Owens likened the anthem protests, to the way liberals use the politics of race and class to garner support in the black community.

“We have these young people now that are reeling,” Owens said. “Every single election cycle they [politicians] get them the anti-American sentiment, anti-flag, anti-police, anti-white, and it’s all to do one thing: get white and black socialist liberal elitists elected. We need to stand strong because the American way has always been the way that our country has thrived and come together.”

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