Eastern Kentucky Players, Coaches Wear ‘Say Their Name’ Shirts to Opening Game

Eastern Kentucky
Getty Images/Joe Robbins

Before attempting to make a statement on the field, Eastern Kentucky football players and coaches made a statement about something off the field.

Prior to the their season-opening game against Marshall on Saturday, Eastern Kentucky wore T-shirts saying “Enough is Enough,” and “Say Their Names.”

The shirts were meant as a way of calling attention to those that have been killed in officer-involved incidents.

The statement posted by the players read, in part:

We are student-athletes who represent our beloved school, your alma mater, home university and favorite team. We are proud of EKU. We want EKU to be proud of us.

There are those among us who can’t escape hate, racism, systemic oppression or violence just because we play college football. For many of us, we live with the same fear and pain as other African-American men and women worried about their safety and security, considering the recent events across the nation. These names and the lives they represent are important.

Today is about more than football — it’s about change starting here.

Hate, racism, systemic oppression and violence must stop. This is about unity, not division. We must strive to be better.

College football has seen a spate of recent social justice statements made by players and coaches. Nick Saban recently led a march of Alabama athletes on campus. Ole Miss actually marched from the their practice facility to a popular local spot where they began chanting “No justice, no peace.”

Eastern Kentucky got crushed by Marshall, 59-0.


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