Basketball Recruiting Scandal

Three Convicted in Basketball Recruiting Corruption Trial

New York (AFP) – Adidas executive James Gatto was among three men found guilty in a US court Wednesday of conspiring to make illegal payments aimed at recruiting promising players to universities affiliated with the sportswear giant.

Brittney Griner, Glory Johnson

Adidas Amends Contracts to Prohibit Dropping Gay Athletes Who Come Out of Closet

On Thursday, Adidas made LGBT athletes more comfortable to publicly confess their sexual orientation by announcing that the contracts for athletes the sportswear company represents will feature a clause assuring the athletes Adidas will not terminate or alter the original contract as a result of their public confessions.

Usain Bolt, Julian Forte, Alonso Edward, Rasheed Dwyer

Adidas Ending IAAF Sponsorship Over Doping Allegations

For 11 years Adidas sportswear has been one of the biggest supporters of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). But that relationship has just come to an abrupt end, a direct result, it is said, of the IAAF’s developing doping and corruption scandal.