Texas Panhandle Truck Wreck Yields $2M in Weed

ASSOCIATED PRESS — Investigators say a pickup truck accident in the Texas Panhandle has led to the seizure of $2.2 million in packaged marijuana found in the bed of the vehicle.

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Texas Panhandle City Says ‘Enough’ on Middle East Refugees

A city in the Texas Panhandle says “enough already” when it comes to resettling refugees from the Middle East. The city of Amarillo now sports the dubious title of having the country’s highest ratio of refugees from Middle East nations. City officials are asking for a halt to the resettlement of these refugees because of the negative impact on their community.

Middle East Refugees

Texas Patient Tests Negative for Ebola Virus

The Amarillo Department of Public Health has sounded the all-clear for now on the patient who is being monitored for possible exposure to the Ebola virus. Two people who had recently traveled from Liberia in West Africa to the United States were transported to Northwest Texas Hospital after the child developed a fever. All of the people who were traveling in this group are being monitored for any potential development of Ebola symptoms.

The Amarillo Department of Public Health has sounded the all-clear …

$119K of Marijuana Disguised as Christmas Presents Found in Texas

Police in Amarillo, Texas arrested two California men who allegedly had 34 pounds of marijuana disguised as Christmas gifts in the trunk of their car when they were pulled over for speeding on a highway Wednesday morning. Jose Delgado, 33,

420 California (Credit: Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)