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Brexit Can End Cruel Trade in Live Animals, Says Joanna Lumley Campaign

Actress Joanna Lumley and television presenter Selina Scott provide some star power for the Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) campaign to put an end to the “horribly cruel” practice of exporting live animals over long distances in cramped, unsanitary conditions, often to countries where animal welfare falls well short of British standards.


Texas Teens Burn, Mutilate Dog on Social Media

Sheriff’s deputies outside Waco, Texas, are investigating an animal cruelty case after people reported a Snapchat video showing several youths shooting a dog and then shoving firecrackers inside its body. They later set the dog on fire and watched it burn.


Search for Person Who Drowned Dog on Beach

Two beachgoers discovered a grisly and heartbreaking account of animal cruelty last week when they found a dead dog tied to a shovel on Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey. Now, several animal rights organizations are contributing funds to catch the person responsible for the crime.


Video of Woman Throwing Dog Goes Viral

Video of a woman throwing her small dog in Fairfield, California is receiving a lot of attention–attention that may lead to charges against her. Surveillance video from outside a home shows Brandy Chin walking with the dog, then throwing it onto

Woman throwing dog (Screenshot / Youtube / VIRAL)

I Can’t Lie, I Love These New ‘Trolling The Poor’ TV Shows

Here’s how New York magazine describes The Briefcase, a new show on CBS that’s about to enter its third week. The Briefcase, premiering on CBS at 8 p.m. Wednesday, features “American families experiencing financial setbacks,” to use the network’s terminology. The family


Emu Tortured to Death by Texas High Schoolers, Say Police

A Texas high school football player has been accused of stealing an emu from a farm and then torturing and killing it at a party late in the evening on Valentine’s Day. Seven other students were charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, and additional charges may be forthcoming, according to a press release from the county sheriff.

A Texas high school football player has been accused of …